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Grace & Peace!

Welcome to the Women of Faith Women's Ministry

Because we are The Women of Faith, we know that without faith, it is impossible to please God, so we walk according to faith and not sight! We diligently seek miracles, signs, and wonders as we endeavor to grow stronger together as Christian women, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends.

Through fellowship with one another at our Sista2Sista fellowship sessions, annual Women's Day celebrations, and other events throughout the year, along with the integration and application of biblical principals, we will grow individually and corporately into virtuous Women of Faith. We will be bigger, better, and stronger with you as part of the sisterhood.

- Elder Cynthia Frazier, Elder of Women's Ministry


Upcoming Events

The Women's Ministry hosts quarterly sessions with the Women, aptly titled Sista 2 Sista, focused on building and encouraging women with an emphasis on fellowship and sisterhood. The ministry hosts additional events and activities throughout the year, including the annual Women's Weekend in September. Please see Elder-Elect Cynthia Frazier or a member of the Women's Council for more information.

Please see the gallery of upcoming events.

Ministry Gallery

Women's Ministry of Faith

Elder Cynthia Frazier, Elder

Ministry Scripture

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1        King James Version

Proverbs 31        King James Version

The Women's Ministry is designed to build, strengthen, encourage, and empower women as we navigate through various phases of life.

Ministry Purpose Statement

Because the woman is so vital to the structure of the family and the church, the Women's Ministry's mission is to cultivate a network of Christian women who are rooted, grounded and knowledgeable in the will, way, and word of God, with the ability to navigate and balance home, work and personal life situations.

Ministry Mission Statement

Women's Ministry Logo.png

As we grow both naturally and spiritually, we will become the best examples of Christian women, drawing out, enhancing, and accentuating the gifts, talents, and callings inside each of us. We will show that we can achieve excellence and manifest greatness while remaining holy and having fun as well. We will strive to reach each woman regardless of age, ethnicity, social, economic, and/or Christian experience.

Ministry Vision Statement

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